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1) Only the very poor, sick and imprisoned are eligible
2) We only ship Bibles to United States locations. No foreign countries.
3) Only one (1) Holy Bible per person. Only one (1) Holy Bible per address.
4) We do NOT send Bibles to ministries, only to individuals.
5) Be patient, a Bible may take from four to six weeks to reach you.


To receive a FREE Holy Bible, you must honestly answer five questions. You must answer "YES TO ALL" to be eligible.

I PROMISE that I am very poor, sick or incarcerated?
I PROMISE that I cannot afford to purchase a Holy Bible?
I PROMISE that I am ordering this Bible for myself, not another?
I PROMISE that I have never previously ordered a Bible from FreeBibles.net?
I PROMISE that a Bible has not previously been sent to my address?

Push this button if you agree with all five questions